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A psychic is a person who uses 

extrasensory perception to identify information hidden from the normal senses. The word "psychic" is also used as an adjective to describe such abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding that person. 


A medium is a person who communicates with those that have passed over and relays messages to loved ones. 

They connect with spirits and act as an intermediary between the spirit world and ours.


Diane is a psychic medium, located in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches. She brings a fresh presence to the psychic industry and aims to overturn any misconception and cater to the most sceptical. Her fun, lighthearted personality will have you relaxed and cheerful during your reading.

Diane is a trained medium, which means your reading may include experiences of mediumship, as spirit may wish to deliver messages to you.

Diane can be booked for private readings, couple readings, telephone readings, video readings and group readings. Diane has done many group bookings including hens nights, baby showers, birthday parties and high tea events. Diane will happily tailor the event to your needs, timeframe and budget.

Diane has many regular clients and proudly displays her testimonials online.

Come and see for yourself!

Diane Kerr Sydney Psychic Medium Manly Northern Beaches Sydney Readings


Thank you to Di for an incredible reading.

I cannot recommend Di highly enough. What a beautiful lady so warm and welcoming. A very honest and accurate reading. I felt very refreshed and like all my questions had been answered when I left. Di was very positive and gave me some great clarity on the direction I am heading. I left with a big beaming smile. I cannot wait to see what my adventures bring and will definitely be back :) Thank you!

Diane is absolutely amazing and I will definitely be going back. Spot on with so many things and just an overall positive and beautiful experience. Thank you so so much you wonderful lady x

Di prevented me from making a disastrous business decision. Di visualised all the same mistakes as before with a new manufacturer after I had outlaid and was recovering losses from a previous venture. She saw me moving ahead in a completely different direction which has come true and I am happier than ever! Her fun, warm and nurturing disposition made my reading an immensely enjoyable and uplifting experience! Call Di now! (even if you have only lost a shoe, which she also helped me find!!)

I feel like the stars aligned perfectly with my discovering Di. Having met 'psychics' in the past I was more than a little skeptical when meeting with Di. However she told me things about myself that she could not possibly have known. Her reading was right on the money. I found her to be warm, engaging and she instantly put me at ease. Offering to provide further insight also 'at any time' was unexpected and something I am since deeply grateful for. Thank you Di.

As someone who bases all life decisions on weighed up and evaluated facts, no-one was more surprised than I to find myself sitting in Diane's home receiving my first psychic reading. Di is incredible - gentle, kind, clear, funny and, most importantly, unnervingly accurate. She hit on points that no-one (other than perhaps the most shrewd P.I.!) could know, making it hard for even my naturally cynical mind to discount them. I walked out of my session with Di with a renewed sense of vigour and clarity, and am excited to return to her down the track to revisit the outcomes of my reading. Whether you've had a number of readings or are looking to have your first, I can't recommend Diane highly enough.

Just had an incredible session with this beautiful woman. Diane's energy is so nurturing and her intuition is spot on. The most authentic psychic I've ever been to and I'm grateful for her wisdom and advice. She's reminded me of why I'm here and helped me to shift my focus. A transformative experience. Thank you Diane.

Incredible lady, incredible reading. Diane really takes her time with the readings and doesn't rush. Also, she was happy to answer all the questions I had on the day. What a spiritual, wise & lovely person she is. Can't wait for my next reading​.

Diane was amazing... she jumped ahead and told me about my amazing life that I will be having. Well done, just want I needed to hear at just the right time in my life.

I've just had a reading with Diane. What an amazing experience I had ☺️ Lovely lady and made me feel comfortable with my reading. The connection was brilliant. I will defo be going back. Thank you Diane

What a beautiful soul. Wonderful reading, genuine and honest. Having had a number of readings in the past Di was bang on every point. Just an all round enjoyable and uplifting experience.

Still cannot believe Di had spoken of

"a brunette girl in a red dress sitting on a green hill" almost eight years ago to my (now) fiancé, it was all true and just meant to be! Di could see it all before we even met - Yikes!!! ... I can so highly recommend Diane Kerr Psychic Medium for a reading and insight xx

Di was able to help me see more positively and give me a few things to look forward to. She has helped me change my way of thinking and has helped to calm many of my fears.


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Diane Kerr Sydney Psychic Medium Manly Northern Beaches Sydney Readings
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